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You've probably guessed by now that this show is run by someone called Paul (that's him in the picture, at a wedding, but thinking he’s on a GQ cover photo shoot).

Paul heads up our team here and is passionate about three things; NLP, fundraising and changing the world. Back in 2012, he found himself in a situation where he could have carried on doing what he'd always done - and get what he'd always got - or change, and finally feel more purposeful. Change he did, and one day found himself sat in a room listening to a man talk about NLP. He was transfixed - and life was about to change dramatically. 

Over the next two years he threw himself into NLP and became a Practitioner, Master Practitioner and then, in July 2014, a fully-certified NLP Trainer. He decided to bring this magic to the world of Major Donor Fundraising, and hasn't looked back. Now, having trained hundreds of fundraisers with clients such as NSPCC, RNIB, Diabetes UK and Parkinson's UK, coupled with a decade's worth of experience as a Major Donor Fundraiser and Principal Gifts Manager, Paul finds himself in a unique position in the sector as the go-to trainer for teams looking for a unique and innovative approach to training and personal development. 

Feel free to contact our office on 020 7649 9975 or Paul directly on 07751713461. We're also on social media if you'd like to connect with us that way - see the icons below. 

P.S: 10 points if you can guess what was making Paul laugh in the photo…