No Failure. Only Feedback.

I remember when I went to meet a major donor to ask for £100,000. It was 2008 and I was still relatively new to the job, having made the leap from the corporate world to the magical landscape of the third sector. I'd managed to secure a number of major gifts up to that point, but this - this - was going to be my big one. When I finally arrived as a fundraiser. YES. The 100k club. I was about to become its newest member. 

Traditional Stewardship is dead.

I recently spoke at the IOF Major Donor Fundraising conference, and was allocated the topic of ’Stewardship’, which I intended to talk about alongside NLP - Neuro-Linguistic Programming - the basis of my fundraising training. In preparing for the talk, I immediately started thinking about 'best-practice' examples of letters, cards and updates that I could showcase, so as to advise those in attendance about exactly what it is they should be doing to ensure their donors were being 'stewarded' effectively. 

And then I stopped.