NLP Practitioner certification 

Become a Qualified Practitioner of NLP - certified through the Association of Integrative Psychology (AIP) - and experience a life-changing six days.


Our next NLP Practitioner course:

London: 18th - 20th September 2019 and 23-25th October 2019 (6 days in total)

To book your place: Click here to send us a message, or email Paul directly: Limited spaces.

This course has had a genuine, major impact on my life. Thank you.
I couldn’t recommend it highly enough.
— Liz Brewer, Philanthropy Team Manager, Dogs Trust

Paul Cartwright Training started in August 2012 when Paul walked into a room full of people, all of whom had also come along to hear about something called NLP. What he heard blew his mind. Not only did the course enable him to experience the most amazing personal development, it also provided him with incredible tools and techniques which, when applied to his personal and professional life, saw his success sky-rocket. Now a fully-qualified NLP Trainer, Paul's journey started by becoming an NLP Practitioner - and now you can too.  

Very much enjoyed the content and delivery of an engaging and useful course.
— Julie Buckler, Chief Executive, Action Medical Research

Why should you become an NLP Practitioner? In reality, this is different for everyone. Here are a number of possible reasons why you might like to come and join us:

  • get rid of problems and emotions that are stopping you from getting to where you want to be

  • maximise your life and finally feel more purposeful, as opposed to just doing what you think you should

  • build purposeful, long-lasting relationships - with everyone you want to

  • access that feeling of confidence whenever you want it

  • take your communication skills to another level so you can persuade, manage, negotiate, lead and inspire

  • learn how to destroy phobias, help people to stop smoking...and much more!

Our NLP Practitioner Course is made up of two x three day-workshops (so six days in total) and there are three courses in total every year. 

We cover every aspect of the NLP Practitioner certification including the following:

- outcome setting
- communication systems: learn how to understand the way you and others communicate
- learn about - and how to use - your brain’s programming language
- identify your values and what that means for you
- learn how to trigger confidence whenever needed
- change your behaviours -  through understanding what drives that behaviour
- resolve internal conflict
- release emotions from the past that are still holding you back
- change limiting beliefs and create empowering beliefs
- get rid of phobias in yourself and others
- learn how to build incredible rapport

This course is completely unique -  once you have completed the six days, you'll receive a certificate bearing accreditation from the Association for Integrative Psychology (AIP) - a globally recognised qualification.


Paul and Kerry (co-trainer) are passionate about NLP and it shows. They have filled me with enthusiasm and given me the tools I need to make changes, especially in my professional life. They have passed on, clearly and succinctly, tools for building rapport - with colleagues, friends and most importantly my family, and especially my children.
— KM, Executive Director


This course will change your life. If you want to take a step to the next level, join us and become an NLP Practitioner. 

Email us today and book your place!

Paul Cartwright and Paul Cartwright Training are both certified by the Association for Integrative Psychology.