Public Speaking Excellence

Come and join us for our full-day, Public Speaking Excellence workshop, which will enable you to deliver a presentation or pitch with confidence and impact.

Apparently, for some people, the fear of speaking public outweighs the fear of death. Jeez. We don't think this is right and so with that in mind we are delighted to offer you a full-day, confidence building, public speaking excellence workshop. Whether you're looking to get better at pitching for business, or you're just looking to present better and with more impact, come along and join your fellow fundraisers as we show you the skills and secrets that will enable you to achieve that. 

Our Public Speaking Excellence course will enable you to: 

- understand how your thoughts about speaking publicly are influencing your feelings - and how you can change these to become much more positive
- learn the secrets of 'The System' - the fail-safe process that guarantees success when you follow it
- incorporate non-verbal communication patterns into your presentation
- master the art of story-telling - and understand how vital this is to your speech

The day is run by Paul, an award-winning public speaker himself, who regularly speaks at conferences, workshops and private events. As a practicing Major Donor fundraiser, Paul is in the perfect position to guide you through the process of becoming an excellent public speaker, with a fundraising focus.   

Our Public Speaking Excellence workshop is available for organisations as an in-house training workshop, or for individual fundraisers who want to join our stand-alone, full-day course (up to a maximum of 10 fundraisers) which runs quarterly (you can buy tickets below). If you have any questions about our Public Speaking Excellence workshop, or if you'd like to book your place today, drop us an email or call us on 020 7649 9975.

For more information about our Public Speaking Excellence workshop, contact us now.